OP2016 outputs


ABSTRACT BOOK – Organic Phosphorus in the Environment:  Solutions for Phosphorus Security

edited by C. Shand and the Organising Team




VIDEOS (YouTube):

  • Prof. Phil Haygarth – Welcome and Overview ‐ Introduction to OP2016 Workshop and Context

  • Professor Simon Bainbridge – Lancaster University – William Wordsworth Poem reading

  • Guest of Honour D. Anthony F Harrison,  Author of ‘The Blue Book’ (Soil organic phosphorus: a review of world literature. 1987) – speech replay

Session 1. Organic phosphorus flows in the environment in context with other nutrient cycles: Integration across ecosystems

  • Dr Marc Stutter, James Hutton Institute -Title: Observed C:N:P stoichiometry and P speciation as an indicator of P cycling across ecosystems: the chicken or the egg?

  • Prof. Friederike Lang, University of Freiburg – Title: The dynamics of the C/Porg ratio of acid forest soils provide evidence for P limitation of SOM decomposing organisms

  • Keynote speaker ‐ Prof. Leo Condron, Lincoln University – Title: Historical perspective on the nature and dynamics of organic phosphorus in the environment

Session 2. Methods of evaluating organic phosphorus stocks, concentration and speciation

  • Dr Edith Le Cadre, Montpellier SupAgro – Title: Nanomaterials as a promising binding support to hydrolyse soil phytate

  • Prof. Kari Dunfield , University of Guelph – Title: Novel primers target group A and C bacterial non‐specific acid phosphatase genes

Session 3. Biotic interactions in organic phosphorus cycling – Plants

  • Keynote speaker ‐ Dr Mark Smits, Hasselt University – Title: Plant‐fungus interactions with apatite: ideas versus observations of mycorrhizal fungi induced apatite weathering

  • Dr Courtney Giles, The James Hutton Institute -Title: A Tale of Two Exudates: The role of citrate and phytase in unlocking the potential of soil organic phosphorus for plant nutrition

  • Dr Daniel Blackburn – Understanding soil phosphorus dynamics at increasing citric and oxalic acid doses

Session 4. Biotic interactions in organic phosphorus cycling – Microbes

  • Milko Jorquera – Effect of phosphorus addition on the total bacterial communities and alkaline phosphomonoesterase‐harboring bacterial populations in the rhizosphere of ryegrass

  • Gu Feng – Carbon:phosphorus ratio drive bacterium mediated phytate mineralization and competition for phosphorus among plant‐AM fungi and bacteria association

Session 5. Organic phosphorus in soil and waters: Stocks, flows and impact of scale

  • Dr Charlie Shand – Effects of citrate on the solubilisation of soil phosphorus

  • Dr Rosalind Dodd – Extreme events and grassland ecosystem function: The impact of flooding on P mobilization

  • Mr Matt Randall – Characterizing Phosphorus Mineralogy, Chemistry, and Speciation in Utah Lake Sediments

  • Dr Katrina A Macintosh – A new framework for lake ecological change due to phosphorus enrichment

Session 6. Global challenges for organic phosphorus research

Keynote speaker ‐ Dr Ben Turner – Organic phosphorus and the ecology of tropical forests