Welcome to OP2016

Organic Phosphorus in the Environment:  Solutions for Phosphorus Security

Following on from the successful meeting held in Panama in 2013, we are delighted to announce a follow-on workshop for soil, water, plant and environmental scientists to come together to study and share ideas and innovation on the subject of “Organic Phosphorus in the Environment:  Solutions for Phosphorus Security”.

All academics and students involved in organic phosphorus research are welcome to join us on this constructive workshop, aimed at integrating, learning and planning collaborative frontier science that will help address the main challenges in this field. Understanding and quantifying the relative importance of organic phosphorus in the global phosphorus cycle requires exploration on multiple research fronts. Aspects such as speciation methods, ecological stoichiometry, bioavailability, abiotic stabilization, transfers from terrestrial into aquatic ecosystems, chemical lability and mobility, trophic interactions, microbial ecology and biochemistry of the degradation of specific compounds are some of the areas covered in this event.

This ‘Monday lunch – Friday lunch’ event will be arranged as a workshop, with everyone working together in teams towards a common goal and consensus. During the conference all delegates will be challenged to come up with new questions and needs for organic phosphorus research, which will ultimately be published in: (1) a single, multi authored consensus paper on the state of the art in a high profile journal, and; (2) the opportunity for offered refereed papers to be published in Plant and Soil special issue. In addition to these collaborative activities and the inspiration from the beautiful landscape of the Lake District, the Workshop will also involve keynote addresses, oral and poster presentations and break-out group discussions. Exciting opportunities for social and outside activities will also be available.


1. Organic phosphorus flows in the environment in context with other nutrient cycles: Integration across ecosystems

Session Chairs:  Dr Ben Turner and Prof. Reiner Giesler

2. Methods of evaluating organic phosphorus stocks, concentration and speciation

Session Chairs:  Dr Martin Blackwell and Dr Andrea Vincent

3. Biotic interactions in organic phosphorus cycling – Plants

Session Chairs: Dr Alan Richardson and Dr Courtney Giles 

4. Biotic interactions in organic phosphorus cycling – Microbes

Session Chairs: Prof. Leo Condron and Dr Tandra Fraser

5. Abiotic interactions of organic phosphorus in soil and waters: Stocks, flows and impact of scale

Session Chairs:  Dr Marc Stutter and Dr Tegan Darch 

6. Global challenges for organic phosphorus research

Session Chairs:  Dr Tim George and Prof. Phil Haygarth

Please e-mail op2016@lancaster.ac.uk if you would like to receive further updates about the workshop.