Welcome to the ORGANIC P 2015 workshop

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4522260911_ed323f17ca_oFollowing on from the successful meeting held in “Panama in 2013, we are delighted to announce a follow-on workshop for soil, water, plant and environmental scientists to come together study and share ideas and innovation on the subject of “Organic Phosphorus in the Environment:  Flows and Potential Solutions for Phosphorus Security”.

All academics and students involved on organic phosphorus research are welcome to join us on this constructive workshop, aimed on integrating, learning and planning big collaborative frontier science that will help address the main challenges in this field.

Understanding and quantifying its relative importance on the global phosphorus cycle needs to be explored at multiple research fronts. Aspects such speciation methods, bioavailability, abiotic stabilization, transfers from terrestrial into aquatic ecosystems, chemical lability and mobility, trophic interactions, microbiology and biochemistry of the degradation of specific compounds are some of the areas covered in this event.

This one week event will be splited between keynotes, oral and poster presentations and break out group discussions. Multiple opportunities for leisure and outside activities will be available. As outputs from this event we expect the publication of the proceedings and a special issue on European Journal of Soil Science. An agenda for possible book and big collaborative projects will also be discussed.


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